Bath and sink of carbon by splinter works

Splinter works had a great success with her bathtub “Hammock”, now splinter works have expanded Their production and collection Brought a free-standing bathtub and sinks on the market. This bathtub impresses with its modern design.

Bathroom furnishings black tub and sink mirror modern

Matching and with same form there is quiet a small sink. Both products instantly gain your attention by Their gently sloping shapes and elegant color, All All which is difficult to imitate. If you look closer at the products, you Will certainly feel a compelling sense even to touch them. Bath and sink are made of lacquered carbon fiber.
Here, we noticed that many of the details of the bathtub “Hammock” this well-known manufacturer served as the source for this new model. The playful, but optimal form of “hammock bath” has led to the free-standing form of the latest vessel to this new free-standing bath, Which you can position anywhere, in any room of the House. Independence in the design of two new bathroom products from bathtubs and sinks is the main reason why thesis projects accessories so very different from all other bathrooms.

tub and carbon sink fiber blacklight design


Bath and basin are the work of new technologies by splinter works. They have used Their achievements love love especially in the manufacture of formula 1 cars, now They Go on more precise and realize Their bath products. This underscores Their attention to detail, this is needed here, to make the designs. The carbon fiber material, consist of the bathtub and sink is easy (the tub weighs only 14 kg empty), but at the sametime so incredibly stable. It offers comfort and security for each user who wants to relax in a bath Examined.

design ideas bathroom sink shape modern heating

bathroom tub and fittings sink pedestal design carbon

black carbon pedestal tub parquet wood

freestanding bathtub and sink carbon material gloss black

modern design washbasin base white bath splinter works

sink design carboxylic bathroom furniture base white

splinter works washbasin gloss lacquers carbon black

tub and sink elegant carbon black