Base screen for kitchen: To select which color or optics?

kitchen high-grade steel tile ground base-dazzles black spraying protection

A base screen for a kitchen is the dot over the I for a successful kitchen organization. it lends the last grinding to the fitted kitchen and connects them, moreover, optically with the ground. The base border prevents that mud and dust gather under the kitchen and also hides the unlovely look at the ground.
But which base border should you choose for your kitchen?
base-dazzles kitchen LED carries out grey high polish fronts island
wood brightly white floor mat base-dazzles kitchen fronts more herringbone
kitchen nut tree wood base-dazzles white fronts marble sill plate
kitchen mirrors parquet base-dazzle calibrate grey winding organization marble optics
kitchen mirrors base-dazzle black fronts white sill plate 1
kitchen LED aluminum plinth skirting base-dazzles black fronts
kitchen high-grade steel aluminum optics wood fronts base-dazzles white sill plate spraying protection
kitchen grey corpus color base-dazzles matt black fronts
kitchen cook island foot tiles lozenge sample floor mat base-dazzles similar
kitchen black back wall nut tree optics base-dazzles
kitchen aluminum base-dazzles grey wood fronts brightly orange spraying protection
corpus color base-dazzles matt black fronts
corpus color base-dazzles matt black fronts 1
base-dazzles kitchen LED installation-shine white fronts high polish black sill plate
base-dazzles kitchen LED installation-shine blue for wood fronts