Attractive wall design ideas in a modern house in Israel

Latest techniques and a wide variety of materials Allow the walls in your own home to make Individually and according to Their Own key. Wall design can run thus vary in every room, to create a search varied total design of the House and to Ensure a different atmosphere in each room. In this way, the House was designed, did we would like to introduce in this article.

Wall design ideas recessed sitting area outdoor area planting fire bowl

In addition to simple walls, this is decorated with so by other designs and wall decoration ideas. The idea came from Pitsou Kedem architects. The House is located in Israel.

patio ideas design wall tiles stone sliding doors pool


Begin the wall design ideas in outdoor areas. There, the façade is adorned by attractive sun protection. He has a decorative effect and at the same time has a practical use. The hot sun of Israel is left not Directly in the rooms and so curious glances will be avoided. It is very diverse in the indoor area. There are dark Both panels with handsome patterning as ideas in greystone. A black wall of marble radiates not only elegance but THEREFORE a Certain mystique.

tiles spacious wall design ideas terrace grossformat furniture modern

Designed the Interior with the original wall decoration ideas is open in the large and full. A great minimalist kitchen is situated in the vicinity of the seating area, where Both portions of large window fronts are surrounded, offer a look at the garden and the terrace to the part. Entering is the Latter through the sliding doors at the same time Guaranteeing a perfect Duch ventilation. How have more photos of the impressive House put together? Be inspired by them!

make make wall design ideas façade sunshade garden

Wall blanket design ideas corridor staircase light gray white

Wall design ideas bar party room lighting purple sofa

Wall design ideas bathroom sink stone minimalist vertical garden

Wall design ideas bedroom bedspread-yellow accents

Wall design ideas cooking island design minimalist modern kitchen

Wall design ideas gray concrete optics living room open

Wall design ideas gray kitchen kitchen island lamps original

Wall design ideas laminate interior design open lounge

Wall design ideas living room sofa style monochrome

Wall design ideas marble black classy look carpet art deco colorful

Wall design ideas outdoor pool large window

Wall design ideas panels black 3d pattern laminate corridor design

Wall design ideas patio set modern tree lighting

Wall design ideas stair white modern light effect gray wall

Wall design ideas staircase wanddeko window front

Wall design ideas wire handrails minimalist interiors