Arranging the dining room light

lighting does not depend on the general. Another type of lamp that can be selected for the dining room is a chandelier, chandelier lights, spotlights, table lamps, wall lights up. Chandelier, both casual and stylish style chandeliers, is one element that makes the dining area is more focused. If the spotlight highlight certain areas, is more of a light table lamp accessories. While the wall lights are able to form a focal point on the wall effect on the atmosphere of the <u>dining room</u>.Lighting the lamp can be made with different variations. Very common lighting space is at the center with one or two ceiling light point. The addition of a hanging lamp or lamps on the planting will beautify the dining room ceiling.

dining room with lighting look elegant
Yellowish lights forming a warmer ambience of space, more intimate and elegant. Medium white luminous light tends to cool the formal and impressive. The combination of both is most appropriate mix of building interesting atmosphere .dining room lights not that can be processed only for lighting the dining room. Morning sunlight can be optimized for the dining room was warm and the air healthier, Harnessing the sun from morning to evening can also reduce the cost of electricity.