Amazing Tree house, miniature version

The box tree, the miniature Artist builds Corwyn Jedediah Voltz Some Great cottages tree, only good for … or being Cactus your bonsai. The cottages are part of his collection Somewhere Small.

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The artist is based on 10 years experience in super realistically consider Creating thumbnails for movies and other projects, using only small pieces advert of wood, textiles, and gems trivial-present everywhere around us.

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The cottages have furnished and decorated with small dishes, silk rugs, miniature furniture, sculptures and paintings miniature and any other accessory makes interesting year House. Many of the plants are adorned with semi-precious stones and Tiger eyes as well as the quartz, Amethyst, etc., all in raw form, with a particular significance: They are year homage to the artist for his other passion, geology.


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