Picked up Amazing the curtains for the nursery. Ideas for inspiration

The item is a pair of adorable cartoon curtain tie back belt buckle design.
Add a little favor from cartoons to your room.
lovely bear shape features of this buckle.
specially designed for holding your blinds in an elegant manner.
tie rope and the button on the buckle for easy connection
beautiful style meets the children’s rooms and young ladies.
Carrera the perfect decoration for your home or office.

blackout curtains for baby nursery

The animals, especially in this color palette, scream nursery without being too Old McDonald had a farm-y. I didn’t want to have a themed nursery, but I did want to have some playfulness and Otomi was the perfect fit! While I can appreciate the current trend of a sophisticated nursery in monochrome tones, that just isn’t me. If I’m making a room for a kid, it will be FUN and it will be COLORFUL! It also will probably be a little bit weird.

brown curtains for baby nursery


I contemplated making full curtain panels out of this fabric but decided against it for two reasons (1) the rug is already really busy and I thought the floor-to-ceiling Otomi would be overwhelming and (2) the price. This fabric costs $36/yard, which adds up when you need to buy about eight yards to make adequate length curtains!! Again, this is supposed to be a “low” project. My decision was to purchase one yard of the Otomi fabric, which I would cut into strips to sew across the top of standard panels. Lucky for me, Target had the perfect shade of turquoise panels. A threshold of course!

curtains for baby boy nursery uk

curtains for baby nursery

pink curtains for baby nursery (2)

sheer curtains for baby nursery

white curtains for baby nursery