Amazing Functional Tables Set For Reduced Spaces in 2014

Kirsi Gullichsen, the creator of the Morris on natural oak table with him about laminate colors confesses design that has had much to do with your dog. Room size is indifferent, this time, to engage a very modern element of decoration. Have little space is not an excuse to choose a table “nest”. The possibilities are varied shapes and colors too.


Tables “enfundables” like Russian nesting dolls, small under large, are one of the clear betting room’s decor or room in which are indispensable “extras” essential for different uses, which can be minimized or maximized as needed .

Like a three leaf clover, united in a common symbiosis, tables overlap in an original way.



With designs polycarbonate, beech, strong timber in the case of Provencal or assembled like pieces of a puzzle designs and new designs of occasional tables that can be collected in any corner so that the space is open plan presented.

Practical and functional are ideal for a snack or dinner tray in front of the television. Fair but useful for a book stand space, the arm is not tired to hold the paper and also incorporate a soda can in the smallest without placing a generously sized table opposite the sofa.


The Finnish firm distributes Habitek designs Kirsi Gullichsen architect, the creator of the Morris table, made from natural oak laminate color envelope.

Pets and design
The designer admits that his dog has had much to do with the design of this table irregular elliptical shape and created in different measures based on the movement of these pets usual circle.


The furniture company La Oca has some designs that do not overlap but are coupled so that the space they occupy is not excessive. Also have a tempered glass table with three legs in circles and steel structure with swivel chrome base thanks to the shelves may be moving independently according to the needs of the moment.

Nesting tables with metal legs and fiber veneer, finished in oak and lacquered hickory bow possibilities open. In addition to “Glossy” one of the larger designs (90cm) and consists of a structure in poplar plywood and birch, finished in gloss white lacquer under the two side tables are embedded.


As if we were watching the center court where a circus show develops turntables and “Calder” shows a table with folding steel structure and shelves painted white bone on a very thin legs that hold despite to its lightness, important content.

Juxtaposition is the word used by the French firm Roche Bobois to qualify some of the decor elements, applies perfectly to the table “Ora-Ito”, with three levels of polyurethane on metal frame.


The designer Daniel Rode adds a touch of sophistication in the tables “Marmo” made entirely in Carrara marble and matte finish.

Proposals may be varied for the same room, whether large or small.