Aged furniture to decorate the room

They are very important in the decoration of the room. His aesthetic is reminiscent of the past. The aged furniture bring elegance and nostalgia every room in the home. ‘s aged furniture can be bought at specialized sites that sell antique furniture, or if you have in your home old furniture can artificially age it. You can do it right now Who does not take into a comfortable home, a small table, dresser or modular? In case you decide to do it yourself the transformation of your furniture, looking at the image of the model we present in this article. This is a regular dresser, wood and without any style that distinguishes it. Originally, this sideboard was painted white, but after pickling and traditional decoration have become a perfect furniture for a room or country decor and romantic.


To get the finish you just have to strokes paint the furniture white, uncovered everything, then give a blue tone and then sand the piece until it is according to your preference. You can change the key of the second color, looks good with the base any pastel color white. How can we combine? aged furniture can be used for decorating rustic, romantic, or modern industrial. You can try to combine these aged furniture with materials such as glass, steel and methacrylate. Also the fabrics and wallpaper with roses and floral motifs are very good. One last tip, if you want to create contrasts, is to decorate the furniture in bright colors and worn hardware and then paint in bright colors.

Decorating a bedroom style vintage , antique furniture is a nice way to recycle precious family furniture or to provide a new home for the old headers and dressers can be found at the local thrift or antique shops. Matching bedroom pieces create an eclectic and comfortable, and can bind with fabric or furniture finished separately with the same colors that stain or paint .
Leave your bedroom furniture mismatched or sand old wooden pieces and apply a coat of stain or primer for a look uniformed. Deje Allow finish to dry and then apply another coat of stain or paint . Stained furniture finishing with a layer of polyurethane gloss and durability. If you leave mismatched furniture, old wood polish with lemon oil to help bring back its luster.
Place the largest pieces of furniture first in the bedroom. The bed and dresser or cabinet are the anchors and should be placed away from each other to give the room balance. Tables for the bedside can be inexpensive panels covered with fabric if the old furniture set does not. A seating area with an overstuffed wing chair or rocking chair can be another anchor in the room and should be placed separately from the other large items. Decorate with antique fabrics, if you can find them, or a new material that is designed with a nod to the past. A soft chenille bedspread fabric paired with floral decks to the side tables and delicate lace curtains for the windows accent fine antique furnishings, while creating a cozy day room. Accentuate your floors by hand with the braided rugs in different shapes and sizes. Antique mirrors and old family photos in sepia tone or black and white complement the antique furniture showing the shadow dormitory. Cajas vintage jewelry and ornaments or framed pressed flowers in antique style frames, are also integrated into the old style of your bedroom .


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