A tropical ambience with Palms

Clear – To want a dramatic element you at home, tropical, which is growing up and really brings A lot of green in your surroundings – take the Kentia Palm. This is one of the most popular trees among the houseplants. In contrast to the other plants, Delia can live with air conditioning, heating and less Sun. It is also Very much easy to care for. Only be taken into account: Save A lot of space and a ceiling height matching to, because the little plants grow and grow and grow…

tropical ambience with Kentia palms black couch

This collection of three Palm trees in pots in Dallas brings a traditional greenhouse feel, with the lush tropical advance building in each flower pot and the curved fronds that fill with the vertical space. The Kentia Palm fits to every furnishing style – to a loose summer house or a Victorian residence. An entertainment room with antiques looks as a location in an exotic realm in the jungle. Large planters with Kentia Palm and sword ferns give a unique tropical experience.

tropical ambience with Kentia palm chair table

An elegant House in Hawaii with neutral décor is the ideal location for a high Kentia Palm tree that connects the House out with the lush landscape. The Orange and yellow pillows and decorative accessories bring friends together with the Philodendron leaves arrangement and the Green Palm fronds, which are available as springs.

tropical ambience with Kentia palm chandelier sofa

A Kentia Palm is native in a classic House in Portland, Oregon, built at the end of the Victorian era. The Palm trees were popular at the time and was a cornerstone in the Victorian style.

An elegant House in Miami with white walls and hardwood floors (let us not forget the fantastic roof vent) is a paradise atmosphere with the Kentia Palm.

A single Palm is at the correct location as well as modern furniture in a high-rise building in New York and serves to distract the eye from the large column – a common element in modern construction.

We see, at least two trees are needed in the pot, to have a full thing arrangement, depending on the size of the plants.

tropical ambience with Kentia palms fireplace couch

Ketnia Palm care

Temperature: 10 to 20 degrees are ideal

Light: Prefer partial shade, not in full sunshine. The best location is a dark corner in the House.

tropical ambience with Kentia Palm coffee table

Water: Water only if the top layer is dry. Scope the plant to stimulate the moisture and avoid insects. The roots will rot the excess waters and too little water will cause yellow brown leaves. If the flower stalk and the leaves are not perpendicular, you To try with deep watering, if good drainage present.
Soil: Sandy with good drainage, Kentia Palms adapted but on different soil conditions. As the plant grows Very much slow, it remains likely for several years in same pot. Replace the old, worn out Earth occasionally.
Fertilization: use slow-release fertilizer for Palms according to instructions of the manufacturer once or twice in a year, in summer and in the spring.

General: avoid Umtöpfen, be Very much carefully with the root ball. The Kentia plant is a slow-growing Palm with weak roots.
Another consideration: the Kentia Palm reduces the level of volatile organic compounds – toxins from cleaning agents, printers and other household articles.

Pets: The Kentia is non-toxic.

Natural environment: Lord Howe Islands, Easter in Australia, the tree grows relatively slowly, up to 6 meters. White flower bouquets go on little red, egg-shaped fruits.

tropical ambience with Kentia palms white coffee table

Often it can be confused Kentia Palm mountain Palm. Both are good houseplants. The mountain Palm is smaller and is good in a pot on the table, and the Kentia Palm is quite high.