A touch of color in your bathroom

Whenever we decorate our room environments, we think very little in the bathrooms. Is that, for many, not much to do! Clean white walls, faucets spotless, pastel towels, and ready. If you want to distance of traditional decor and monotonous, I recommend you stop reading this article, here I tell you the latest trends in bathroom vanities for this 2013.


Vibrant colors in the bathroom
We have already seen in the room, in the bedroom, and even in the baby’s room, so not much surprise to everyone that the rich and vibrant colors also invade the bathroom. Although white and beige are dominating the scene of decorating bathrooms, strong tones of blues, greens, oranges, pinks and even purples , are also applied in the decoration, even as the main color.

But if you still do not dare to fill your bath color, you can incorporate these strong tones in details that make the difference. What if you replace the moons warm shower with other colors? The tiles are also a good way to add color to your bathroom in small amounts.


The tiles re-decorate your bathroom
And the color leads to this other trend to decorate bathrooms. Tiles are a classic bathrooms , but some time ago they were replaced by large tiles. However, it is gratifying to see how this year many return as decorating trend, and it seems to come back to stay.
The interesting twist in this 2013 is that the tiles will give a touch of color to your bathroom , choosing intense colors and following the trend. You can place them in a complete wall or as small details along the walls. Do not worry, they are super easy to clean and maintain .

Towels can be a nice complement functional addition to your bathroom. We love towels most of the range that has Cawo, a German brand whose collection of towels out from the crowd. Made from quality 100% cotton sublime are ultra soft and readily absorb moisture, and come in a selection of colors, from bright pink to ruby ​​red. The range offers magnificent striped designs and pictures, these guarantee a pop style and a splash of color in your bathroom.

Liven up your bathroom in a simple and fast. With ordinary and necessary accessories of your bathroom can give a personal touch that differentiates you. Just dare to use colors!And if it is colored, yellow is the perfect shade to begin testing a new decoration.

No need to change your wall and floor, and you paint all over again. If you have a bathroom like this in light colors like white, sand color, etc.. with yellow accessories give you all the personality you need.
To do this you can use curtains, towels, bath towels and bath mats. Combining the color of all these inevitable in any bathroom accessories can transform a boring and lifeless bathroom in a bathroom attractive and where you feel most at home when taking a bath or spend time with your partner. Let your imagination and give your bathroom that touch of much-needed color …

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