A modern staircase, which serves as a bookshelf

Commissioned the architect Tamir Addadi, the roof floor of a private house in London in to transform into a bedroom with my computer. The room should also have a large bookcase. Not only the project itself, but also the tight budget was a challenge. Since the construction of a new staircase to the attic was necessary, the architect has combined found a solution – a modern staircase that doubles as a bookshelf.

huge modern Andre bulkhead bookcase

A major challenge was the size of the ground floor, as it was only 160 cm wide. The architect wanted to achieve a feeling of lightness in the room despite the design of such a large item.

modern Andre bookcase glass door frameless

The solution of the architect was to design, allowing natural light into the dark earth and upper floors flooded and light and airy effect the modern stairs can be a new South-facing skylights for the attic. The staircase was still white painted to enhance this effect.

modern Andre bookcase painted white large

modern Andre bookcase wooden structure

modern stair design of floating-wall

modern stair design steel rods

modern staircase bookshelf design metal rods

modern staircase floating gradually painted white

modern steps white Andre bookcase floating