A modern corner shelf for your home!

Some time ago, I was invited into a house. When I walked into the living room, I noticed the Following: it was great! The furniture pieces fit perfectly to the wall decoration. The carpet what light and soft. There was a huge chandelier, Which immediately caught my eye. The walls were very creatively decorated – decorated with pictures of various size and shape.

cool Corner Shelf


There were two beautiful potted plants, creating a natural atmosphere next to the leather sofa. Despite all the strange and beautiful-looking pieces of furniture and decorative items are quietly what I was missing. At the first moment I could not explain to me – the whole interior of the rooms Seemed so chic and top notch! And all of a sudden I noticed: one of the corners Looked so empty. There simply what nothing there. No decorations, no plans … I thought: “how beautiful a corner shelf did would work!”

Dark Corner Shelf with interesting form


So I got the idea to write a special article about Nice and modern corner shelf. I want to share with you some great ideas. It’s really interesting did you yourself can make a corner shelf. Take a look at the proposals and get inspiration!

a small corner shelf made of wood

cool wooden corner shelf

creatively designed corner shelf

creatively designed model from the corner shelf

designer corner shelf

extravagant modern corner shelf

Great idea for modern corner shelf

great-looking corner shelf

large corner units very practical design

large modern corner shelf

make corner shelf made of stair itself

make Eckregal

make interesting corner shelf

make strange corner shelf

Picture 050

modern wooden corner shelf idea

modern wooden corner shelf

original model from the corner shelf


super modern corner shelf

transform a staircase in Eckregal

turn a corner shelf in white stairs

We make wooden corner shelf

white modern corner shelf