9 ideas to give sense of spaciousness with mirrors

9 ideas to give a feeling of spaciousness with mirrors light, as we know, is a decorative element of the first magnitude and we can avail ourselves of it to create a feeling of spaciousness. And anto increasing its intensity as taking advantage of their capacity for reflection. This last quality of light has been taking in decoration since the 17TH century, when Venetian factories produced the first large mirrors. We will see these 9 ideas to give a feeling of spaciousness with mirrors and insurance that you will understand at the time how this secular decorative trick.

buffet miroirs salle à manger

Mirrors can be used anywhere in the House, even there where at first glance there is no space for it. Where a mirror is a small Hall Cabinet or similar fits behind, either hung or supported on the ground as we see in the image above. In the living room or living room if we couch leaning against a wall can install behind a large mirror that will multiply the space and light. As you know the mirror reflects all light rays that come and therefore returns a duplicate image, although inverted, of reality.

cheval reflète la conception


This achieves double the space of a stay when the mirror is very large but very interesting effects can also be achieved using special mirrors. It is the case of this room that you have hung two window-shaped mirrors which give the feeling of the room is open to the outside. Also furniture Dresser is also coated with mirrors which helps increase the visual effect and create good coordination in the environment.

des idées de décoration avec des miroirs sur les murs

The bedroom is also a good place to make use of this resource that we are talking about. Just have to be careful, if we are a little flirtatious, not to place it beyond where we are newly aroused. The header, as in the image above, is a great place as it will be seen from the entrance and will give you the feeling that the room is wider. Cover the doors that separate different rooms also is a useful resource to give feeling of spaciousness. We get so such separation, which always implies a limit for our view, not be so obvious.

des idées de décoration avec des miroirs

A small bathroom is an ideal place to make use of this decorative technique. Mirrors will expand the space and will greatly increase the brightness of the room. Hung opposite a window, the mirror will get create a feeling of opening very important as well as reflect the natural light coming through the window. It will give us a great feeling of spaciousness.

fraîches idées miroir de décoration

In the dining room also is a good choice to hang a large mirror on the wall closest to the table. Logically this resource will work very well in dining rooms of small dimensions.

meubles en miroir de chambre

miroir de sa chambre avec des lumières

miroir étonnant

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