5 ways to choose the right furniture for your child’s room

The time of purchase of furniture for the room of their child is very important, as well as fun. You will have creative, original and colorful, but you will have to take into account, in particular, that the bedroom is the area of the house where the child expresses himself and spends valuable time , which is dedicated to the game and to the study and regenerates in sleep.


Keep in mind our 5 tips that will help you in making the best choice, on a weighted basis.

1. The room must be safe, comfortable and durable. But not only that, it must stimulate the creativity of the child and be responsive to his personality and his interests . Opt for colors that likes to enter details and accessories taken from his favorite cartoons or movies, capture your attention with fun details. So if your child will be thrilled, green to pink and glitter, even if you feel you kitsch; or allow your boy matching red and blue in honor of Spiderman.


2. Be sure that the room also fulfills an educational function , do not limit yourself to type in a school bench or desk, depending on the age of the child, but add, for example, a whiteboard or a luminous globe , hang prints and maps: everything that surrounds the baby spurs him to develop new skills.

3. Furniture must be suitable for children , be aware of its height and as you prefer furniture that can change with the evolution and growth of your child.

4: Choose a theme : you have to pick any number between comic book superheroes, cars, dolls, sports figures, dancers and puppets. Remember that you must find not only your taste, but above that of the child, finding the right compromise. You can also take an educational theme of mold, such as the alphabet and numbers or science and technology, but always in a playful tone. Make the room environment appealing , buying what the children like, such as bunk beds, lofts, big ottoman bright colors and rocking chairs.

5: Do not forget that what is a priority is the safety . Never place the bed near a window, children can climb and fall; Avoid furniture with sharp edges, or protect them with the proper edge protection. If the latter two measures are valid for children in preschool, others are absolute must: the furniture should be made ​​of lead-free and non-toxic materials strictly. Remember, finally, to leave the room free from encumbrances and too many accessories, a child needs space to play only with the help of the imagination.










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