30 Mediterranean table decorations ideas – exotic destinations at home!

When I hear the word Mediterranean, I put myself into a world of beautiful white beaches, delicious food, and magnificent red wine. Where do you travel next – to Santorini, Tuscany, Valencia, and Monaco? The weather is getting warmer and we always more dream to go to the fascinating sea coast. Now we can have an exotic feel at home, we choose the Mediterranean table decorations.

make Mediterranean decoration for self

No matter where you are, you can enjoy the sunny holiday destinations by one Mediterranean decorated the table. The Mediterranean cuisine is to combine with an original table decoration. The culture of the Mediterranean people has affected the whole world – the food, the music, the decoration. Have a piece of them on your table.

Mediterranean decor ideas blue crockery

There are some secrets of the Mediterranean table decorations. The colors are purple search as Aubergine, red and white like flowers rich and of course – green olives. Search for the table cloth and napkin in search colors. The cook goods are made of painted ceramics or glass. The utensils should correspond to the Mediterranean theme. Branches of olives are the most popular decoration from plants in this style. Lemon, mandarin orange and other fruits that come from the Mediterranean coast, are therefore on the table. This table decoration is to comfort and elegance. Dinner at home, turn into an adventure. See our examples to have an idea of this style. Perhaps choose something for her Mediterranean table decorations!

Mediterranean décor ideas on the backyard

Mediterranean décor ideas on the coast

Mediterranean decor ideas peanuts and olives

Mediterranean decor ideas plants and candles

Mediterranean decor ideas quite simply

Mediterranean decor ideas with exotic Früchten.JPEG

Mediterranean décor ideas with pink tablecloth

Mediterranean decoration for the table

Mediterranean decoration in at orchard

Mediterranean decoration Mandarin and lemons

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Mediterranean decorative napkins with pictures

Mediterranean table decoration in blue and yellow color

Mediterranean table decorations blue plates and napkins

Mediterranean table decorations lemons and flowers

Mediterranean table decorations on wooden table

Mediterranean table decorations with a maritime theme

Mediterranean table decorations with flowers

Mediterranean table setting with a branch of olive

Mediterranean table setting with many lemons

Mediterranean table setting with olive branches

Summery table decoration for a wedding

Summery table decoration is so gorgeous

Summery table decoration with many element
Summery table decorations at the sea

Summery table decorations from the sea

Summery table decorations lemon olive and candles

Summery table decorations red and green