25 ideas for expensive-looking wall decoration

Ideas for wall decorations that look just expensive
You want to have a real fine wall decoration at home and cannot afford these? It can’t be! The following examples demonstrate that the upscale look is not just a matter of money, but creativity requires good taste and a certain box. Do you have a nice wall with relief design at home? Maybe you can reshape it with a bit of color.A great solution is to redesign the framework and backs of some shelves with wallpaper. You can also run them in a great shading.

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Shed designs or reliefs on the wall look really great. They are not that difficult to make. You can run them with various materials and colours. Another idea, which looks always good are stylized patterns. Depending on the room these patterns can be dedicated to different topics. In the kitchen, you could bring your favorite fruits or vegetables on the wall. In the living room can be a different icon.

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Do you have a favorite painting or graphic? Make an accent in a niche it, or highlight an accent wall.A form of cheap to make, the House design with little money raised is the use of geometric shapes. At the moment, these are super popular. We would recommend particularly strongly the triangles. You seem quite original and charming. Combine with decorations in this style elsewhere in the room.

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This is a long-forgotten classic, which is again called into life. Anyone can do the wall design with newspapers. She speaks for the high level of the designer and the House holder who has decided for them.Mirrors are never enough at home. You can also make something special out of these. You can be creative and make a wall with a blend of many smaller mirrors.

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Choose a theme and decorate one or more walls in this. A classic and that’s why always nobly acting example is the map of the world.Make a great wall. She can consist of photos of your family or different paintings and designs. Would you like a brick wall at home? There are wonderful wallpaper just in these patterns. Choose those to spice up your room design.

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