25 Folding doors as a space-saving room divider

Folding doors inside save considerable space and are most commonly used when subsequently rooms should be separated. Basically, a folding door consists of wings, which fold into one direction. Leadership roles in the angle of each second joint allow the movement of elements. Fixtures are above, below and in the middle is necessary.

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A different kind of folding door inside is the folding sliding door. It is used primarily as window fronts for shops, as well as room dividers for large spaces in the offices or public buildings. These doors run over a track that is mostly above fixed. You are hanging and can be opened to a corner.

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The wings of a folding door can be very narrow. This is especially space-saving with large fitted wardrobes, doors of storage rooms and small basement. This enables very large opening widths. Suitable rooms beautifully as a room divider rectangular. Only drawback is the slow opening, if the wings are great.

Folding doors inside glass edge white living room dining room glass wall dividing wall

The folding doors inside save very much space and are visually very pleasant and harmonious interior design-related. Versions with different front optics offer the possibility to be adapted to the remaining furniture in the room. The Standard dimensions of a folding door for interior use are 82-85 cm width and 203-205 cm height. Special designs are possible on request from the manufacturer.

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