21 ideas for decorating with mirrors

The mirrors are a decorative element with a long historical journey. We have been using them for this purpose since the 16th century, although logically old Roman and Egyptian civilizations were known much earlier, because they were using them as a toilet. But it is from the following century, the seventeenth, which the Venetian masters of the glass started to produce large-sized mirrors. And become a part essential to the decoration of the rooms. We, humbly, just wanted to show you 21 ideas that will help you to decorate with mirrors, showing you the many facets that have and great performance that can give us in the decor of any room.

decorating ideas with mirrors in living rooms

Insurance that you have lately seen some that another example of furniture covered with mirror. It is a different way to use mirrors and especially decorative. Another very original form of the use of the mirror is treating it like tiles shall be and cover with lots of the same wall that we want. In this example it is used to cover the front of the kitchen and thus step to increase the brightness of that area.

decorating with mirror tiles ideas


We sometimes wonder about the size of the mirror regarding the space of a room. There is no rule sets, to the contrary, a large mirror, even from wall to wall in a room of any size can be installed.

ideas for decorating a large bathroom mirror

Another one of the great things we can do with mirrors are compositions, above you have a fantastic example of this. And we will see any other than as they really are a different and fun way of harnessing the power of reflect light that have these wonderful objects that are mirrors. With temporary patina mirrors have a special charm, stippling or scratch the metal back layer, which is that really reflects the light gives them a magical and mysterious look.

ideas for decorating a mirror for christmas

Two examples of what I said earlier. The compositions of crystals, which can be framed like this or not as the previous and any more than we will see later, give you the opportunity to play with ruptures of the mirror image and thus achieve a look different from everyday reality. A beautiful mirror will look good in any room of the House. You just have to find the right place to install it, so will try to place it where reflect as much light as possible and produces the most harmonious reflection. For example in the image above is located opposite the bed and it is a somewhat risky position, one not you want to see newly aroused but hey there are tastes for everything.This shaped window mirror is a true trompe-l’oeil and fun and elegant.

ideas for decorating a mirror frame

Placed near a light source mirrors will make this to reflect and multiply to create a much more luminous atmosphere. I love parallel mirrors from the photo above, they are great and very original. Simple frames, to leave center stage to the mirror or frames of rich design to complement and provide a beautiful contour the mirror image? It is another issue to consider. Indeed mirror the image immediately above, Yes, the antique finish is actually a real charm.

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