10 Steps for perfect break

It’s funny but we spend a third of our lives sleeping and lack of sleep is seen in our daily life. Consider the advice given by experts to get a good rest is essential. Among these the most important tips is to change mattress every ten years. A good rest helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle, healthy and in balance and physical and mental wellbeing. There are many factors that influence sleep onset and adequate rest. Among them are the emotional, food and activities, physical and mental perform throughout the day. A good night’s rest will result in a health enrichment throughout the day as we will be more concentrated and lively and less stressed.

Take Yoga Break at Work

To get adequate rest are three keys that must be taken into account: one mattress optimal, one pillow and a comfy sheets properly.

Now that you know why a good rest is as important will detail the points that must be taken into account to achieve this:
1. Regularity: Try to go to bed and get up at the same time, sleep as much as we ask the body as little as possible and late nights lead an orderly life.
2. Exposure to light in the bedroom: It’s convenient daytime exposed to daylight and at night keep the room dark during the break, since our bodies sleep periods associated with the dark and waking with daylight. Moreover darkness to induce the release of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep.
3. Physical activity: performing moderate exercise throughout the day helps to eliminate stress and contributes to improved rest.
4. Physical and mental relaxation: to get sleep before we can choose to do activities that help us unwind from the daily problems and allow us to relax our muscles. Activities we can take to achieve this are: read a book, take a relaxing bath, take an evening stroll, listen to music …
5. Healthy Eating: we dine lightly to get good sleep, and over dinner involves a slower digestion.
6. Temperature and ventilation is important during the day to ventilate the room and at night to maintain an average temperature between 18 ° and 20 ° C.
7. Do not consume caffeine from 6 hours before sleep: caffeine intake stimulates the central nervous system, which makes it difficult to fall asleep besides interrupting rest. It is advisable to replace this by other non-caffeinated drinks or teas or herbal teas.
8. No aerobic exercise 2 hours before bedtime: Because physical exercise raises the heart rate and is a great stimulant, will have greater difficulty falling asleep.
9. Drink a glass of milk before bed: dairy products enable our body release a hormone (serotonin) that causes us to relax and promotes relaxation.
10. In case you can not sleep do not stay in bed, if after 30 minutes we have not been able to fall asleep, the ideal is to get up and drink a glass of milk or failing to do some relaxation exercise.


A point to keep in mind is the type of mattress you sleep on and the characteristics. If the mattress has exceeded 10 years of life as we renew and have lost their qualities. The type of mattress adapts to the way you sleep and the complexion of each person. Despendiendo this we will have to opt for a type of mattress or another. Current types of mattress on the market are: